You’ll remember Jarryd James!

A new talent, you’ll remember after hearing the first time!


Bee Gees got da funk!

“Boogie Child” is so damn funky you could mistake it for being a Sly Stone song!

The Q&A: The etheral folk pop blues of Dana Williams

Sometimes a discribtion of ones genre fits like a hand in a glove. When I asked Dana Williams to describe her music to some one the first time the answered with just four words “etheral folk pop blues” hence the title on this interview & Question & Answer session with Dana Williams.   Dana is…

There´s something about Franky!

There really is something about Franky Manzos debut single “MJs Coursing” Is it the intro to her single – a little AOR inspired – until her voice and the beats kick in? Is it the dry simple piano line? The slightly auto-tuned vocals? The cool 70s inspired “Oh, beep-beep, Oh beep-beep” bridge in the middle of the…