D’angelo the “Black Messiah” is back!

With “Black Messiah” does D’angelo and his band the Vanguards show the world who´s the leader and most exciting artists on the soul scene today!


Vinyl: Tangerine Dream “Phaedra”

Performer: Tangerine Dream Album: Phaedra Company: Virgin Genre: Electronic, ambient Year: 1974 Fact: The album sleevedesign and art is done by the bands founder Edgar Froese The AllMusic database is calling this a milestone for Tangerine Dream and “one of the most important, artistic, and exciting works in the history of electronic music”

Classic albums: Santana “Abraxas”

If you’re going to have one Santana album in your record collection – make sure it’s “Abraxas”. The album that could have been called “The Best Of Santanta” – but fact being it’s actually the bands second album, released in 1970! You can listen to Santana “Abraxas” if you use Spotify here! If you wish,…

I bought two handfuls of vinyl

The last records I bought was some LPs and a couple of CDs the summer of 2012 – and a thats about it… Not to understand that I haven´t bought any music lately – because I have, only digital – from iTunes and downloading free mixtapes from the net. A few weekends back I went…

Prince, Larry Graham and Raphael Saadiq

News about Prince – is always important – so here you go! Funk legend Larry Graham releases a new album the 25th of September. The album is called “Rise Up” and features a guest appearance by his long time friend Prince and Raphael Saadiq. The last album was “GCS2000” and was recorded on Princes NPG…