Shane Henry a “Light In The Dark”

Well worth checking out, the blues and soulful sound of Shane Henry and his brand new album “Light In The Dark”.


If you like John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Steve Ray Vaughan James Bay and a dash of Lenny Kravitz – or maybe you have checked out Justin Kalk? The sound of Shane Henry is harder, bluesier and more groovy than the aforementioned artists, but fits perfectly into that musical family.


On his home page Shane Henry describe the sound of his new album like this: “This record reflects my development as a songwriter. It defines who I am. I’ve always believed that if the artist doesn’t feel the music, then no one else will either.”


That quote says so much about how Henry thinks when he he writes and plays his songs. The way the artists feel his music, that is the way his listeners feel the music. You gotta have soul to feel – and Shane Henry got that!
Find out more about Shane Henry on his home page! and stream add the album to your Spotify playlist now by clicking the album cover above – before everyone else does!


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